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Our Services

All services and support at Summit Health and Wellness Center will be provided by professionals specializing in working with the growing neuro-diverse population.


Summit Health & Wellness Center provides specialized care for individuals, ages 3-30, that have an established  diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders and related co-morbid conditions such as ADHD, anxiety-related disorders and affective disorders.

Serving our residential students and the greater community of Worcester MA, the Summit Health & Wellness Center offers these clinical modalities: Psychiatric services, ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) services, and Mental Health Therapy.

Psychiatric Services

Our licensed psychiatrists are able to provide diagnostic evaluations, consultations and medication management, as well as ongoing treatment

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Vitamins and pills

Behavioral Services

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Our behavioral services team offers   applied behavioral analysis, behavioral plan development and implementation to individuals across a variety of settings.

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Support Group

Counseling Services

Our mental health counselors offer therapy-based treatment utilizing a variety of modalities and integrate applied behavioral strategies

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