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Our Counseling Services

Mental Health Counseling is as part of our social and emotional wellness program. Counselors identify and address problems before they escalate or become chronic and provide intensive, data-driven services for individual patients as needed. They often work with the patients as part of their individual educational plan and may work in areas including social deficits, problem solving, and learning coping strategies. Therapy focuses on how patient behavior and mental health impacts their ability to be successful in school, the workplace or social situations.


Our counselor's expertise includes, but is not limited to, classroom and behavior management, individual and group counseling, learning disabilities, school safety, crisis response, effective discipline, cultural competence and consultation with educators, families and community providers. Counseling services are available to the Worcester Countyarea.   

Contact Us About An Appointment

We are accepting appointments now.  Please CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment.  

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