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Health & Wellness Services

All health and wellness support is provided by licensed professionals specialized in working with the neuro-diverse population. In addition to psychiatric services, behavioral services and counseling services, we offer general health and wellness practices to the greater Worcester and Boston MA communities, and beyond.


Our staff focuses on Summit modalities such as the social and emotional development of positive relationships with adults and peers, modeling, teaching and rewarding pro-social and respectful behaviors, the acquisition of daily living skills and physical activities, and creating self-care action plans and health goals based around individual hygiene and dietary needs.

A Supportive Therapist

Sensory Treatments

Sensory integration therapy, is designed to help individuals with sensory-processing problems (including possibly those with ASDs) cope with the difficulties they have processing sensory input. 


Yoga helps to increase body awareness, increase flexibility, improve motor skills, respiration and energy levels, helps with transition and develops or improves self esteem and communication skills.

Yoga Class
Workout with Skipping Rope

Exercise Therapy

Exercise based physiotherapy treatments include age-appropriate physical and motor skills, like resistance or flexibility training, jumping, clapping hands, hopping and throwing, kicking or catching a ball. 

Dietary & Nutrition Consulting

Dietary & Nutrition consulting can help to set priorities, establish goals, and create individualized action plans for self-care by assessing health and dietary needs in order to achieve individual health goals.

Woman Unloading Grocery

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We are accepting appointments now.  Please CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment or contact us. 

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