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Summit Transition Program

Whether transitioning to the Summit Campus, an alternate campus or simply needing to adjust to life away from home, the Summit Health & Wellness Center is a resource to help students and young adults in the greater Worcester, Boston and surrounding communities transition into unfamiliar situations, offering aid, support and the social and emotional development of each individual. 

Our full-time board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) is trained in the prevention of and response to bullying and other disrespectful behaviors. All of our staff are trained and certified in Safety Care, a program that provides the strategies necessary to effectively prevent, minimize and manage behavioral challenges with dignity, safety or an alternative positive behavior.


Our positive reinforcement program is in the form of a point system or tangible reinforcement system that is clearly articulated and consistently implemented. Systems may be modified in response to the changing needs of the individual student or classroom, and should be guided and informed by the collection and analysis of classroom behavior data. 

We are accepting appointments now.  Please CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment or contact us.

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